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Layers That Swallow (Artist Book)


Image of Layers That Swallow (Artist Book)

Printed in a limited edition of 15 copies, on a RISO MZ790 U and hand-bound by the artist.

4.75″ x 6.25 x .5 inches with 18 open-page spreads

Layers that Swallow is an artist book in which I imagine being consumed by a rock. The book parallels my current sculptural work, a series of sawdust sculptures focusing on the body, landscape, and architecture. The images derive from photographs of my sculptures and of wilderness landscapes that are ambiguously similar to each other. The text describes a physical experience, evoking visceral textures and a sense of enclosed spaces. 

See more images of the book here: http://mandykeathley.com/2016-2/layersthatswallow/